Colleges & Universities

A majority of the participants in the Mind Project are either students or faculty at colleges and universities. The Mind Project began (originally under the name of The PT Project) in downstate Illinois when students and faculty from several (primarily) undergraduate universities began collaborating on research and curriculum projects in the cognitive and learning sciences. Many of the participants are, for that reason, from the Midwest. As the project has grown, however, it has become genuinely international in scope.

In this section you will learn about the colleges and universities that already have faculty and/or students involved in the project. Where possible, there will also be additional information about relevant courses, fields of study and research projects at each of these institutions. You will meet some of the students and faculty who are actively involved in student-oriented research projects and in the development of interactive online curriculum materials. And you will meet some of the experts in the cognitive and learning sciences who are consulting on the project and who are contributing their own research to the project.

No two institutions are alike. What is a strength at one school, may be a weakness at another. Our goal is to bring together people and institutions from around the world, so that through collaboration and the active sharing of resources we can all achieve more than we could by ourselves. Would you like to join us? Would you like us to help you involve your own college or university? Then please Contact Us!

Colleges & Universities Participating