Complete / Inactive Research Projects

Over the years, many Mind Project research projects have been started, investigated, and completed, while a few have been put on hold. To pick up where others left off, or just to learn more about these efforts, vist the projects, below.

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Completed Projects:

  • IRIS.1

    Iris.1 was the Mind Project's first robot, and was built for use in the classroom. Iris.1 consisted of several networked computers, a synthetic voice, ProtoThinker software, and a TeachMover robotic arm. Iris.1 was by no means a "mobile" robot, but Iris was a great starting point for future projects.

  • IRIS.2

    Iris.2, the Mind Project's second robot, was designed to overcome some of the limitations of Iris.1, including Iris.1's inability to autonomously perceive the outside world. Iris.2 corrects this defecit with a video camera and neural net software that give Iris.2 the ability to see. Using this new sensory input device, Iris.2 plays Tic Tac Toe against human opponents.


    The Mind Project's Mobile Robot Group developed several versions of the Central Control Program, a software module that acts as the centerpiece of the Iris mobile robots, allowing centralized control to an Artificially Intelligent "mind module", and helping other programs communicate with one another. The current version of the CCP is being used by Iris.4.


    Students at Illinois Wesleyan University, working as part of the Shelley Research Group, developed the Shelley Intergrated Environment, IWU's version of the CCP. (Though they may argue that the CCP is Illinois State University's version of the SIE!)


    This was the first student-faculty research project (before there was a Mind Project). Larry Plays the game "Last One Loses."

Inactive Projects:

  • IRIS.3

    Iris.3 was the Mind Project's first truly mobile robot. Based on the Linux operating system, Iris.3's software can drive the robot around a room, control its robotic arm, play Tic Tac Toe, and perform other feats. Iris.3 is not currently being worked on, but we hope to one day return to the robot to complete an open-source, Linux-based version of our mobile robot.

  • IRIS.4

    Iris.4 is currently being worked on in the form of Iris 4.2. The Iris.4 files and documentation have been archived here. If you would like to see the current Iris 4.2 development, please navigate to the active projects page.