Central Control Program

For robots and other artificial persons

The Mind Project's most ambitious programming venture is the design and implementation of the central control program (CCP). The CCP allows all of the different programs that make up a robot's software system to communicate with one another, and provides a point of control for a Mind Module; the CCP even lets programs running on different platforms, written in different languages, share information via a LAN! We are currently on our fifth version of the CCP. Learn about what we've done in the past and where we're headed. Join us if you're interested.

Illinois State University's Central Control Programs

Current Version

Central Control Program # 5 (2004)

Bob Arrigo designed and programmed the current CCP (v5). The first version of the code was finished in the Spring of 2004.

Past Versions

  • Central Control Program #4 (2003)

    An ISU Grad Student, Rohini Katla, wrote this program as part of her masters project. The website was written by Bob Arrigo, with some documentation work by Rohini.

  • Central Control Program #3 (2002)

    Andy Scmidgall wrote this CCP program in 2002. The file documenting the program was written by Bob Arrigo.

  • Central Control Program #2 (1999)

    Steve Kacsmark proposed this a design for the new central control program. It was never implemented.

  • Central Control Program #1 (1997)

    Matt Carlson wrote the first central control program in 1997. It is a Windows program that connects the ProtoThinker software, TTS program, robotic arm and Quicktime player.

ISU's Past CCP Research Groups

Students are designing and writing a flexible set of programs for the construction of robots and virtual persons (with a little help from faculty advisors)

Illinois Wesleyan University's Control Program

Shelley Integrated Environment (SIE) (1999)

Illinois Wesleyan's IWINK group is building a robot named Shelley. Andy Ritger, wrote the control program called, SIE.