Central control program #1 (CCP1)

When the PT Project (now called the Mind Project) started in Fall of 1995, the only instructional software that existed was a program called ProtoThinker(PT), written by Dr. John Barker. ProtoThinker is a program that simulates the language processing, logical deduction and moral reasoning capabilities of humans. Since then various other programs have been developed with the purpose of enhancing robots and virtual persons using PT as the central AI engine. While Barker has made many wonderful additions to the program to make it easier to connect robotic devices, text-to-speech programs, etc., it is still often a painstaking and troublesome procedure to add new devices for which PT has not been designed. It therefore became important to design our own control program that would function as an executive controller that integrated all of the pieces of software that constitute our 'artificial persons'. Thus was born the first central control program. Below you will find an overview of the main design of the program, the program itself (available for downloading) and finally a longer document written by Matt Carlson and Paul Romanellli as they considered what direction future versions of the program might take.

Central control program #1: overview