Central Control Program V2 (CCP2)

The goal of this project is to create a new more powerful 'central control program' for the Mind Project robots and virtual agents. It must be . . .


It must be simple enough to run a single-processor robot -- for example a single PC running ProtoThinker, one robotic arm and one video camera with recognition software. But it must also be sophisticated enough to run a complex robot with a network of multiple processors (running multiple platforms), running multiple AI engines, multiple end affectors (e.g. robotic arms), multiple data-input devices (video cameras, touch-sensors, etc.) and multiple AI engines.


Initially, the goal is to create both a windows and a unix version of the central control program (with Mac down the line, if we can find someone to take responsibility for it). The windows version must have a user-friendly frontend that non-programmers can use (in the classroom, for demonstrations, etc.). It should have a menu structure where the user can select the input and output devices that are being used at a particular time. There should also be a simple procedure for networking the machine with the central control program to other machines (running various platforms).


Many people (students and faculty) will be writing software that will be connected to the central control program. They need to know exactly how their program will communicate with the control program to insure trouble-free integration when all of the pieces are plugged into the ccp.