IRIS.3 procedures

General guidelines

  1. Student researchers should submit weekly reports of their activities.

    These reports should be e-mailed to Drs. Anderson and Califf every Friday. They should contain enough information for another researcher to understand exactly what the student did, how to recreate it, and what the next steps are. A typical report should be structured into three parts. The first should give a brief synopsis of the week's activities. This should be written for a general audience (non-programmers) and should give the reader an overview of the most recent accomplishments and obstacles. The second section should be short and long-term goals. Short-term goals will be what the student plans to work on in the coming week, and should be as specific as possible. Long term goals may not be present in every report. When present they should cover work that the student anticipates will take longer than the upcomming week to complete. These can be vague or specific, depending on the circumstance. The third section should be a detailed description of the activities of the last week. This section should be written for other student researchers, and should be detailed enough for one of them to be able to resume an interrupted project with a minimum of time spent relearning the system. For examples of how these reports should be formatted, please see Matthew Eisenbraun's reports.

Programming guidelines

  1. All programmers should review SIE_DOCS and/or Andy Ritger's paper on SIE.

  2. All programmers should be comfortable using CVS. Programmers should know the checkout, commit, add, and release commands, at a minimum. See for the CVS manual.

  3. All source files committed to CVS should contain the string $Id$ in a comment in first line. CVS will expand this tag when the file is checked out to include useful status information.

  4. All source files should be thoroughly commented.

  5. A source file that does not build must not be added to SIE's makefile hierarchy. Doing so will prevent other researchers from compiling SIE.