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IRIS4.2 (you have it, except the wheels)

Parts List (.xls)

REQUESTED: Design options for (2) elements of Iris4

  1. (2) Motors and wheels for power; (1 or 2) unpowered wheels (symmetrical caster??)

    NOTE: I originally said that I only wanted 3 wheels -- 2 motorized. But it may be that it would be more stable and more just as well of there were 4 wheels, 2 motorized. Or, 4 wheels may make it move less consistently or less effortlessly

  2. One problem to be solved is a mounting bracket for each wheel-motor strong enough to support the weight of the robot. Originally it bowed when the motors were not supported by a bracket. Last year's class manufactured a bracket that works (see images and video 2 above). We are hoping to find a motor that comes with a support bracket. If you can find such a bracket from a vendor, we would like to compare that in price and quality to one that the Tech department could manufacure us. NOTE: It may be that the only reason that the last robot needed a strong bracket to support the motor is that a student sat on top of the robot while it was moving (I think this is true!). With a lighter robot and no one sitting on it, less support may be needed.

IRIS5.0 (can you dream it?)

Inexpensive. Light. Portable (break down easily to put in suitcase). Be creative. Would like it modernistic, but can be funky. (PVC?? or something unexpected)

Firm base but skinny body.

Places to secure battery (in the base), 2 robotic arms (at table height), and one laptop (where the head would be)

Places to secure battery, speakers, inverter, Robix controller

We would like several design options. The more options, the more we can flex and accommodate changing demands for the robot.