Iris.4 Summer 2009 Tasks

1. Create user-friendly online documentation
     - Update layout of documentation with interactive UML diagrams
     - Update documentation to reflect recent changes

2. User-friendly GUI
     - User Interface that anyone can sit down and use

3. Hardware - Camera Mounting Solution
     - Must precede tasks 4 and 5

4. Get tic-tac-toe on paper up and running with the new design
     - Determine the most useful arm design
     - Rewrite some vision algorithms to reflect possible new camera angle

5. Add vision to block games
     - Recognize colors of blocks in predetermined locations
     - Recognize letters on blocks in predetermined locations

6. Movement Algorithms
     - Go up to table and play tic-tac-toe
     - Maneuver around objects.

7. New videos and pictures of the new design
     - This will keep the website up to date with the new robot

8. Write on paper with pen

9. Be able to manipulate blocks at any location on-the-fly
     - Use vision to do this