Research Proposals

No great idea should go to waste - that's why we're making a home for all sorts of Cog Sci-related research proposals, whether they originate from students, faculty, researchers, or enthusiasts. Below, you can find more information about the Proposals. Some of these projects have been started and put on hold, but all are looking for a few good researchers to bring them to life. If you're interested in creating a group to get a project started, let us know!

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence


    A project that will explore robots from the bottom-up, with the goal of creating Autonomous Agents capable of "seeking attractive stimuli, and avoiding noxious stimuli."


    The Mind Project has developed and collected numerous machine learning algorithms, including Larry Learner, PRANO, and several other Tic Tac Tao learning algorithms. We need to develop a comprehensive introductory level module that ties together all of our Machine Learning curriculum and presents it for a high-school/undergrad/on-up audience.


    Our students are working to develop computer programs that will give to our artificial persons a range of different moral commitments. Eventually, of course we would like our artificial persons to choose their own moral principles.


    Once the AI software was developed to control Iris.1, the researchers, "realized that it could also be used (with some very significant modifications) to create a 'Virtual Person' that existed only on a computer screen, inhabiting a virtual world." The result of this project is Virtual Cyd, Iris's avatar. Virtual Cyd has been out of commission for some time now, but we would eventually like to recycle this idea and give Iris.4, our latest mobile robot, an avatar of her (or his) own.