Meet Virtual Cyd

Virtual Cyd is an artificial person, whose 'mind' consists of computer software that is running on a standard Pentium PC (which is it's 'brain'). Cyd's 'body' and the 'world' that Cyd inhabits consists entirely of computer animation that is projected on a computer monitor. Thus, Cyd 'lives' (as it were) only in the silicon chips of the computer processor and in the flickering lighted images of the computer screen.

The computer animation that constitutes Cyd's 'body' and 'world' were created in 3D Studio Max by an undergraduate Applied Computer Science major, Andrew Hughes. You will find webpages that describe the process that Andrew went through to design Virtual Cyd. At present, Cyd has a very limited 'environment' in which to exercise his virtual right to 'life liberty and the pursuit of happiness'. Student researchers are at work creating a larger world for Cyd to inhabit as well as other 'virtual persons' to occupy Cyd's world.

While there are important applications for the 'animation' version of Cyd, we also intend to create a VRML version that will allow Cyd to inhabit a virtual environment that human beings populate in the form of avatars. It would be interesting if Cyd's AI programming produced behavior that was complicated enough to convince the human participants that Cyd is human. Let us know if you are interested in working on such a project.

Explore the rest of the website and discover how Cyd was built and where we might go from here.