ProtoThinker Network Architecture

Author: Andy Schmidgall (1.17.2003)


ProtoThinker will be rewritten to use a client-server type of architecture. This will allow us to more easily integrate PT with front-ends or other programs. A ProtoThinker API will also allow us to modify existing programs to use PT quickly and easily.

System Architecture

The server part of the program will do the majority of the processing and parsing for PT. The server will contain no graphical capabilities . this means it will be much easier to create a cross-platform server.

The client will be the front-end for PT. This means it will be the program that the user actually sees and interacts with. The interaction between the front-end and the server will be transparent to the user, but the user will have the option to control the interaction. For example, both the server and front-end will usually be run on the same computer, but a user may wish to connect to a remote server.

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