PT Contest Rules

  • Each team must work together to create its own "artificial person"

  • Each team must name its person

  • Your person must be built around the ProtoThinker (or PT) software.

  • Each team will "teach" its artificial person as much as possible about 11 selected topics.

  • Teams #1 and #2 have 35 students each.

    • Each of these teams will be broken up into 11 groups of 3-4 students.

    • Each small group will be responsible for one of the 11 topics.

    • The input from each small group will be compiled into one database.

  • Each teams "artificial person" will be tested with an abbreviated Turing-type test.

    • The artificial person that gives an acceptable (i.e., sufficiently "human-like") answer to the most questions WINS!

    • The test will consist of 110 questions, 10 questions on each of the 11 topics developed as follows:

      • (2) questions supplied at the beginning of the contest by the undergraduate research team

      • (2) questions supplied by Phil 101 sec 3 students

      • (2) questions supplied by Phil 101 sec 4 students

      • (2) questions supplied by the U-High PT-Project group

      • (2) questions supplied at the end of the contest by the undergraduate research team

Topic Areas and Opening Questions

There were 11 topic areas in our first year's contest. Below is a list of each topic area and are the first two questions supplied by the undergraduate research team.

1. Cars

    Q1: How many tires do some cars have?
    Q2: Is a car a kind of transportation?

2. Computers

    Q1: Do you know something about computers?
    Q2: Are you a computer program?

3. Cats

    Q1: What do some cats like?
    Q2: Are cats carnivores?

4. Cold

    Q1: Is ice cold?
    Q2: Is it cold in Minnesota?

5. Baseball

    Q1: Is a bat used to strike a baseball?
    Q2: Do you know something about baseball?

6. Books

    Q1: Are there are books in libraries?
    Q2: What do people read?

7. Fire

    Q1: Is fire hot?
    Q2: What does fire need?

8. Mammals

    Q1: Are humans mammals?
    Q2: What is the temperature of a mammals blood?

9. Robots

    Q1: Is Iris a robot?
    Q2: Do robots have a computer for a brain?

10. School

    Q1: Do some children go to school?
    Q2: What do children do in school?

11. Houses

    Q1: Is every house a home?
    Q2: Where do some people live?