PT and Metaphor Recognition

An Example of PT's Approach

PT assumes that propositions preceded by the explicit cues "It is as if" or "Metaphorically speaking" are metaphorical. But John Barker has also recently modeled a type of metaphor recognition with PT, so that PT volunteers to interpret certain types of sentences as metaphors. Let's consider a simple example of PT's current approach; a discussion of the theoretical context (and an extensive self-analysis) will follow.

For this example, we'll start by adding Anything that is a human necessarily is not a lion to PT's set of meaning relationships. This inference principle (admittedly, in a rather crude way) has the effect of setting up a rigid categorical border between humans and lions: humans are, by definition, excluded from the category of lions. Now we tell PT that Achilles is human, and PT accepts the statement:

PT's response

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