ProtoThinker Tutorial

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ProtoThinker (which we sometimes refer to as 'PT') is a computational model of the mind designed by John A. Barker, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, primarily for use in courses involving the study of mental abilities. It generates simple, pedagogically useful simulations of thinking, reasoning, understanding language, and making decisions. PT is designed to facilitate investigation of these various capabilities of the human mind through conversational interaction between those doing the investigating and an "artificial mind," namely, PT.

If you decide to download a copy of PT from this website you will find that the software includes a tutorial. What follows here is designed to familiarize you with PT without having to download the entire program.

Tutorial Contents

  1. Getting Started

  2. Making Entries

  3. Conversing with ProtoThinker

  4. Issuing Mind Commands

  5. Issuing Executive Commands