Building robots from the bottom . . up

Our Bottom-Up (or "behavior-based") Robotics project is headed up by Ken Livingston at Vassar College. Ken has been a leader in undergraduate cognitive science education for many years and has used behavior-based robotics as a central teaching tool in his own Introduction to Cognitive Science courses.

In addition to developing many tools to aid instructors in the use of these robots in the classroom, the Vassar Team has also created a virtual behavior-based robotics lab that can be used by students and instructors who do not have the time (and resources) to work with physical robots. The module that they have created has been enormously successful in a variety of piloting situations. We encourage you to consider using it yourself.

Vassar's Behavior-Based Robotics Lab

For an interesting contrast, many instructors use the Bottom-Up lab together with the Mind Project's Top-Down virtual robotics lab, which is designed around a classic, prolog-based AI program. You will find the top-down lab here:

Virtual (Top-Down) Robotics Lab