Teacher Resources

The Mind Project is a learning community that includes world-class researchers, education specialists, experts in technology, and artists, but at the heart of this community are teachers and students! In fact, the only way to have a prominent role in The Mind Project – whether you are the world’s most famous scientist or the ultimate technology guru – is if you are prepared to become both a teacher and a student.  You must have a heart for bringing the latest, most exciting developments in the cognitive sciences to students of all ages.  Everyone here is a student, because understanding the complexities of the human mind and brain and how to teach those complexities is a team effort – no one has all the answers.

At the local level (primarily at Illinois State University), we have students doing physical research projects -- especially in AI and robotics. However, our primary mission is to create interactive, online modules for students at all academic levels from middle-school to early college. Our most elaborate modules are virtual science labs, each of which is designed for use by students at multiple levels. Our labs are most often used by high school students and undergraduates. For a complete list of all of our modules select any of the "Curriculum" links on the left menu. The two links below are more selective, identifying our most comprehensive virtual experiences and giving a bit more explanation. Most of our virtual labs were designed to be used both at the introductory undergraduate level and at the advanced high school level. We have decided to list most of our labs on the "K-12" page, but if you are a collge instructor, those labs are designed for you as well. We have listed only two of the more advanced virtual labs on the "college" page because those are less often used that the high school level. We recommend you peruse both pages, regardless of the level at which you teach.