Teacher Resources

The Mind Project is a learning community that includes world-class researchers, education specialists, experts in technology, artists, publishers, institutes and consortia – but at the heart of this community are teachers and students!  In fact, the only way to have a prominent role in The Mind Project – whether you are the world’s most famous scientist or the ultimate technology guru – is if you are prepared to become both a teacher and a student.  You must have a heart for bringing the latest, most exciting developments in science and medicine to students of all ages.  Everyone here is a student, because understanding the complexities of the human mind and body and how to teach those complexities is a team effort – no one has all the answers.

We have many interactive, online modules for students at various academic levels. The links below (which are also on the homepage listed under "TEACHERS") will give a few highlights of the curriculum modules that we have available. For a complete list of all of our modules search any of the "Curriculum" links on the left menu.