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Virtual Neuroscience Lab #1: Robotics Study
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We have created two functionally different versions of the Robotics Lab. The first is the Basic Version, which is intended to be completed in one sitting. The Basic Version was the original version of the lab, and is often a good version to direct students to. The second is the Flexible Version, which was created later to add functions that teachers might find helpful. The Flexible Version is designed to allow teachers to present the lab in portions, or simply jump to a certain section in the lab. This Flexible Version is often reserved for teachers, but can be used very effectively with students.

The Flexible Version of the Robotics Lab allows you to easily break-up the tasks over several class periods. There are 5 parts to the lab and you can "jump" ahead to any one of them. The small round "TO" button (=teacher options) at the bottom of the window brings up the "jump menu". One day, the class might complete Parts 1-2. The next day everyone selects Part 3 on the "jump menu", and all objectives for parts 1 & 2 will be checked so everyone (even students who were absent on day one) can begin working on Part 3 together.

To find the "teachers" section of The Virtual Robotics Lab, you must first load the "Teacher's Version" of the lab (no "teachers section" in Basic Version). Click "Begin" and enter the lab. You will then see a small round button labeled, "TO," located at the bottom of the lab screen (note the red arrow). The TO botton will be accessable throughout the entire lab.

1st Screen Capture for Robotics Lab


Clicking on the TO button will bring up a pop-up window showing the different areas one can jump ahead to. In the robotics lab there are five different section one can skip to.

2nd Screen Capture for Robotics Lab


Skipping ahead to "Objective 3," for example, (see below) will leave you in the right location to complete the next task and it will register with the server that all prior steps have been completed.

3rd Screen Capture for Robotics Lab