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Virtual Robotics Labs

I. Two Stand Alone "Virtual Robotics Labs"

The Mind Project has created a wide range of online curriculum modules in AI and robotics. Central to our curriculum are two hands-on virtual labs that introduce users to two different robotic designs. Not all robots achieve "intelligent" behavior using the same strategy. While today’s cutting edge AI and robotics systems use a wide range of different approaches to achieve machine intelligence, a good starting point for understanding robotic architecture is to get hands-on experience working with two fundamentally different kinds of robot: “top-down” robots and “bottom-up” (or "behavior-based") robots.

The Mind Project has two virtual robotics labs that introduce students to these two types of robotic design:

Virtual Robotics Lab ("Top Down")

Virtual Robotics Lab (Behavior-Based or "Bottom-Up")**

**This superb lab was created by Ken Livingston and Josh de Leeuw at Vassar College


II. An Introduction to Robotics (with 3 embedded virtual labs)

With a major grant from the National Institutes of Health, The Mind Project an introduction to robotics that features the use of robotics in the medical field. While the robotic principles are widely applicable, there are many videos and even virtual activities that are located in medical settings. This module incorporates the two stand-alone virtual labs mentioned above, together with many other Mind Project modules covering topics in AI and robotics. These activities cover a good deal of material and will give students a good introduction to some key elements of the field.

Introduction to Robotics (w/ Virtual Labs & Medical Robots)