Chapter 2: Machine Vision
Robots & AI

by David L. Anderson
The Mind Project, Illinois State University

Machine Vision

The mobile robot you will be building in this virtual robotics lab is similar to a real, physical robot -- the Iris.4 mobile robot -- that is currently being built by student members of The Mind Project in the U.S. and Portugal. The Iris.4 robot has a single video camera and will eventually have two different vision systems that it can use. One system will use a connectionist network (an artificial neural net) that models central features of biological eyes and must be "trained" to recognize X's and O's so that it can play tic-tac-toe. A second system (designed by students in Portugal) will use a variety of visual processing systems and strategies using any recognitional compacity that works -- whether it is the way biological eyes do it, or not. For more on computer vision go HERE.

In this version of the virtual robot lab, the vision system is already completed for you. That will not be one of your tasks.