Virtual Anthropology Lab

David L. Anderson: Storyboards
Kari Cox: Artwork, Programming, Storyboards
Mike Romanzow: Artwork, Programming
James Stanlaw: Author, Storyboards
Kevin Stewart: Artwork, Programming
Chris Tice: Artwork, Programming
Additional Credits:
This module was supported by National Science Foundation Grant #0127561.

When completing this lab, you become a field anthropologist conducting a study in cognitive linguistics focusing on color terms. Virtual books introduce the physiology of color perception, the physics of light, and current methods of data gathering using a Munsell Color Chart. You will start by being a subject in your own study. You will then interview virtual informants from three different cultures. You will record your observations on a "data sheet" that you must print up before you get too far into the Lab. Data from 10 different cultures will allow you to search for similarities and differences in the way that different cultures cut-up the world into color categories. This exploration will lead you into the heart of the long-standing dispute between relativism and universalism. Click on the button below to launch the lab in a new tab/window.

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Copyright: 2006

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