Illinois State University Support

Many divisions at Illinois State University have provided support -- both financial and in-kind -- to The Mind Project

Illinois State

College of Arts & Sciences
Philosophy Department
Psychology Department
School of Information Technology
Technology Department

The Illinois State College of Arts and Sciences has supported the Mind Project with equipment, a research laboratory, faculty release time and student help money. The Philosophy Department launched The Mind Project and continues to be its most most faithful supporter, with an operating budget, faculty release time and student-help money. The Psychology Department, the Applied Computer Science Department and the Technology Department have supported the project in a variety of helpful ways.

CAS-IT (College of Arts & Sciences IT Department)

It has been a serious challenge, requiring countless hours of work, to keep our website afloat over the years. CAS-IT has always been there to provide that support. We are very grateful.

Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT)

The Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology at Illinois State University has a strong commitment to undergraduate research. The Mind Project has benefited from several "Learning Enhancement Grants" over the years.