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The Mind Project is a community of researchers, teachers, and students who have worked over the past 25 years to create interactive, hands-on teaching materials to introduce people of all ages to the exciting disciplines that contribute to the scientific study of the mind and brain. These disciplines, the cognitive sciences, include neurobiology, artificial intelligence & robotics, cognitive psychology, philosophy, linguistics and other related disciplines.

Our mission was to recruit world-class researchers and gifted teachers in all these disciplines to design and implement virtual experiences that give the user first-hand experience employing cutting edge research methodologies. In our most immersive experiences, you become a researcher or a medical professional performing an experiment or a surgical procedure. You don't just read about what science is teaching us, you practice the research methods that have actually produced knowledge in these areas.


FLASH is gone!

Browsers no longer support it. All Flash content has been replaced with videos that preserve all of the content of the originals.


New FLASH emulators are in development. We hope to bring back the original virtual labs. Questons? Contact us

SPOTLIGHT: Parkinson's Disease - Debate about its Nature & Cause

New Module Join the debate among Parkinson's researchers: What biological mechanism accounts for the surprising fact that Parkinson's patients can lose 80% of their dopamine neurons b/4 exhibiting obvious physical deficits?


Mind Project Icon We have over 30 interactive curriculum modules in a wide range of disciplinary areas in the cognitive sciences -- from cognitive psychology to neuroscience, from AI & robotics to anthropology and philosophy of mind.