MindModeling Toolkit

John Barker: Designer, Programmer & Author


Welcome to the PT mind-modeling project, a cooperative initiative that enables PT users to create and publish their own computer models of the mind.

PT's MindModeling Toolkit is the product of a collaborative arrangement between Prof. John A. Barker, the author of the ProtoThinker application, and Logic Programming Associates Ltd., producers of Win-Prolog, the leading Prolog programming system for Windows operating systems.

The toolkit enables PT users familiar with Prolog to modify and enhance PT's source code, to construct their own mind-models, and to turn them into stand-alone applications that can be distributed free of charge.

Contents of the Toolkit

  • PT's Source Code

  • A Developer Edition of Win-Prolog Version 4.6

  • Toolkit Help System:
    PT's Guide For Toolkit
    Win-Prolog User Guide
    Win-Prolog Programming Guide
    Win-Prolog Technical Reference Manual
    Win-Prolog Tutorials
  • Licenses authorizing use of the toolkit

MindModeling Achievement Awards

Toolkit users can submit their source code for a MindModeling Achievement Award. If the code qualifies for an award, it will be made available to other toolkit users, who can discuss it and build upon it.

Advanced Mind-Models

Toolkit users interested in creating more powerful and comprehensive mind-models can go to to learn about Version 5.0 of Win-Prolog and its extensive suite of programming tools. A detailed explanation of the features of this new version can be found at

Note: Many of the features of Version 5.0 are shared by Version 4.6, and code created for the latter version will be usable without extensive modification.

Download Page

To download the MindModeling Toolkit and other ProtoThinker resources go here