Virtual Neuroscience Lab #2: Parkinson's Study (Video Version)

Paul Garris: Project Leader, Author, Storyboards
Kevin Stewart: Animations, Artwork, Programming, Audio/Video Engineering, Design
David Leech Anderson: Author, Storyboards
Robert Stufflebeam: Artwork, Author, Design

Darci J. Harland: Storyboards
Elisa L. Palmer: Author, Storyboards
Andrew Kenning: Author, Storyboards
Ji Zheng: Animations, Artwork


Lab Notebook: Student Handout (PDF)
Author: Darci J. Harland

As you work through the Virtual Parkinson's Lab, there is a great deal of information to keep track of and explanations that will help you succeed. This handout will be a helpful guide. It has questions that will help you focus on central issues and has information that will aid you in your tasks.



Open this video in a browser. Pay careful attention to everything that happens on the screen and PAUSE THE VIDEO to read all of the text and observe everything that happens. The video purposely gives little time for reading text so each person can pause the video for as long as is needed. During the video you will be referred to the Electronic Medical Record (ERM). That resource is available in both .pdf and video versions below. NOTE: It will take much longer to complete the lab than the running time of the video because of the many pauses that will be required.


The ERM is a helpful reference. There is a PDF version with all of the text and images (but without the video content). A video version includes all video content as well as text and images.

There are two ways to read the virtual books. The most convenient way for most people will be to open each chapter as a webpage in a separate browser tab or browser window. The link to each chapter is found below. A second way to read the chapters is in the video itself. The video scrolls down each chapter page, spending only a few seconds on each paragraph. Pause the video to read what is on the screen or, if you prefer, open the webpages below that have all the book chapters.

Electronic Medical Record (Text & Images only) - PDF Version)

Electronic Medical Record - Video Version)

This module was supported by National Science Foundation Grants #9981217 and #0127561 and a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) #R25RR020425, supported by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).