Virtual Stroke Lab (Video Version)

Dr. Ajeet Gordhan: Medical consultant
Kevin Stewart: Animations, Artwork, Programming, Audio/Video Engineering, Design
Elisa Palmer: Author, Storyboards

Darci Harland: Author, storyboards, video tutorials & prof dev
David Leech Anderson: Author, Storyboards
Barbara Meyer: Storyboards


Before doing the Video version of the Virtual Stroke Lab, there is a brief video that prepares you for the task.

Video Tutorial: Science Overview for the Stroke Lab (For Students & Teachers)

This tutorial provides students with some background about stroke symptoms, risk factors for stroke, types of strokes, as well as a brief introduction to the use of radiological exams to diagnose strokes. We suggest that all students and teachers view this tutorial before beginning the virtual lab. A pdf with the text of the narration is available.

Science Overview of the Stroke Lab 11 minute .mp4 video)


One important source of information for successfully completing the lab is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Each entry in the EMR does appear briefly in the video and you can pause the video and read it there. Many find it more convenient to have access to the PDF version of the EMR, that is available below. There is also a handout offering students important information that will help them understand everything that is going on in the lab and key content the lab is intended to teach.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) [PDF file]

Student Handout [PDF file]


This module was supported by National Science Foundation Grants #9981217 and #0127561.