The Müller-Lyer Illusion

Gordon Redding: Author

Much can be learned about the human visual system when we explore the ways in which our brain fails to accurately interpret certain kinds of visual scenes in the world. The Müller-Lyer Illusion is one of the most famous such cases. Then learn about one interesting theory that seeks to explain why we are susceptible to such illusions. Finally, consider the extent to which you believe that the experimental data derived from the experiment confirms the truth of the theory previously advanced.


Explore the ways our visual system responds to the famous Müeller-Lyer illusion and competing theories for why that is.

Introduction to Visual Illusions
Analysis of Müeller-Lyer Experiment
Results of Müeller-Lyer Experiment
Other Theories

This module was supported by National Science Foundation Grants #9981217 and #0127561.