Virtual Cocaine Lab (Downloadable Flash Version)

Paul Garris: Author, Storyboards
Kevin Stewart: Animations, Artwork
Robert Stufflebeam: Animations, Artwork, Author, Design,
      Programming, Storyboards
David Leech Anderson: Storyboards
Allison Steinhauer: Animations, Artwork

Darci J. Harland: Storyboards, Prof Dev & Student Resources
Elisa L. Palmer: Author, Storyboards
Felix Greco: Storyboards
Barbara Meyer: Author, Storyboards
Jahnavi Mithyantha: Storyboards
Stefan Sandberg: Storyboards


One task in the lab is to fill out a Lab Notebook with experimental data and other information. There are several ways in which that information can be recorded.

Lab Notebook: Student Handout (PDF)< or (MS WORD DOC)
Author: Darci J. Harland

The lab notebook is for taking notes so you have the important information you need for completing the lab. The notebook has questions to answer which guide you to the information that you need. There are three versions of the Lab Notebook. A webpage version will automatically open in a browser window when you start the lab. That version has text boxes that you can write the information in, but it is not possible to save that information. Some teachers will want the students to write down the information in hardcopy or in a digital document that can be saved on the computer. That is why we offer a pdf and a Word doc version of the document. It has 17 questions on 3 pages with questions from the desk area, prep area, surgery area, and the experiment area.

THE VIRTUAL COCAINE LAB (Downloadable Flash Version)

Since FLASH is no longer being supported by Internet browsers you must download a stand-alone version of the lab that will run in a separate Flash window. NOTE: Even after downloading, internet connectivity is still required to view tutorial videos and to download an important PDF file. The PDF file will be launched in your native web browser or PDF reader when clicked on within the Flash player.

The Virtual Cocaine Lab (Click Here to Download Zip File)

To download and run the lab in its own stand alone Flash player, follow the instructions below.


1. Download "" (or "") to your computer. This zip file contains the Virtual Cocaine Lab executable Flash application. (We apologize, but Apple security systems do not allow a Mac version of this program.)
2. Once downloaded, double click on the folder to open the archive. The "Virtual_Cocaine_Lab.exe" file within the archive can simply be dragged to your desktop to extract it. You may also right click on the folder and choose to "extract" the folder contents to whatever location on your computer you choose.
3. Once Virtual_Cocaine_Lab.exe has been extracted from the zip file and is on your computer, simply double click the file to launch the application. You may be presented with various prompts asking if the file is trusted, or if you will allow the file to make changes to your computer, etc. You must grant these permissions in order for the Virtual Cocaine Lab to successfully launch.
4. NOTE: To use the lab you must have Internet access. Some elements of the The Virtual lab consist of html pages sitting on the Mind Project server. Those elements will open in a browser window. You will then need to move back and forth between the web browser and the main part of the lab that runs in a flash player that resides in a separate window. Without Internet access you will not have the required html pages.

NOTE: A Video version of the lab is available HERE.

This module was supported by National Science Foundation Grants #9981217 and #0127561 and a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) #R25RR020425, supported by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).