Introduction to Chain Codes

Lionel (Lon) Shapiro: Author
David Leech Anderson: Author

Chain codes are a classical type of computer program that can be used to represent the shape of objects. They can therefore be used in the vision system of a robot. Much computer vision is done with neural nets (a fundamentally different kind of computer program). Chain codes provide an effective contrast for teaching the differences between the way a classical AI program works as compared to the non-classical neural nets. To compare see TMP's pages on Connectionism and Connectionist Networks that Can See.


The first page has an introduction to chain codes that trains students to write and interpret chain codes. The second page shows how chain codes compare to other types of computer programs that carry information similar to the kind of information your brain carries.

Introduction to Chain Codes
Chain Codes and Your Brain


These pages have highlights from the curriculum pages (above) and are in large font for projection onto a screen.

Chain Codes Overhead

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