Virtual Anthropology Lab

James Stanlaw: Designer, Storyboards & Primary Author
David Leech Anderson: Storyboards & Author
Bob Arrigo: Author
Kari Cox: Artwork, Programming, Storyboards
Mike Romanzow: Artwork, Programming
Kevin Stewart: Artwork, Programming
Chris Tice: Artwork, Programming

VIRTUAL BOOKS (.html & .doc)

BOOK 1: Virtual Anthropology Lab Handbook

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Virtual Anthropology Lab

Chapter 2: Data Analysis Worksheet (MS WORD DOCUMENT)

BOOK 2: Exploring Color Terms as an Anthropologist

Chapter 1: The Physics of Light and Color

Chapter 2: Colors and Cultures

BOOK 3: Extended Reference & Further Readings
Colors and Culture: Language, the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, and the Americanist Tradition in Anthropology, Linguistics, and Cognitive Science (PDF DOCUMENT) by James Stanlaw

This module was supported by National Science Foundation Grants #9981217 and #0127561.